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About Downtown and Uptown Dallas

Situated in the northern parts of the city of Dallas, Uptown neighborhood is an upscale neighborhood that prides in robust travel and business activities and facilities from shopping malls and restaurants to spars and offices. Among the most rapidly growing areas with significant number of new urban housing developments, Uptown neighborhood is ranked the most pedestrian friendly locations across Texas and plays homage to increasing population of young professionals.

Originally, an area outside the city of Dallas and residence of the city’s disfranchised lot; the upscale neighborhood has evolved into a highly modernized urban area with little indications of the long history of the working population that resided here. Gone with the wind is the history of the neighborhood as a site for freed African-American slaves and large population of Hispanics, which is now replaced by towering high-rise buildings and mega infrastructural developments such as Turtle Creek, Woodall Rodgers Freeway, Blackburn Street, Boulevard and Central Expressway. What remains of the past is the Freedman’s Cemetery.

Present Status

Considered the most walkable place in Texas, Uptown Dallas Neighborhood is an unmatched in terms of its architecture and urban planning systems that have transformed the not-so appealing area into an aesthetically, alluring, livable and serene location that is not only worth visiting but also investing in.
Primarily, the neighborhood is apportioned into 4 areas

State Thomas
West Village
Knox Park
Oak Lawn
The neighborhood’s pedestrian-friendly nature explains why most locals and visitors do not prefer using cars to go about their business. Instead, they either walk and cycle or use an effective and efficient transportation system referred to as Dallas Area Rapid Transit or DART, which facilitates the movement of people and goods across the neighborhood. McKinney Avenue Trolley provides an alternative mode of transport and it traverses the city from Downtown to Uptown Dallas.
The desirability of Uptown neighborhood has attracted both local and foreign investors and tourists who come into the neighborhood with the view of taking advantage of the booming business opportunities and enjoying the serene environment respectively. To ensure revenue generated by the businesses in the neighborhood are effectively collected, managed and allocated to areas of priorities, Uptown Dallas Association was established. The association is also responsible for promoting the area to potential visitors and investors, which it is currently doing via its website.

Activities to Enjoy in Uptown Neighborhood

Endowed with numerous entertainment spots, Uptown Neighborhood is the perfect place to unwind and relax in various spa treatment centers, enjoy a cool bottle of beer with friends in the many bar joints, dine at fine restaurants, party with friends and even strangers, shop until you drop in the many shopping malls and shops and sip coffee on the patio of cafes.

To savor the culture of Uptown Neighborhood and Dallas, there are various cultural centers including art galleries, performing art theaters and movie cinemas such as Magnolia Theater. The rich culture of the neighborhood has withstood the storms of time and is expected to grow in the years to come.
Type and Styles of Buildings

The architecture in Uptown Neighborhood is a blend of traditional and modern styles and designs. There are old buildings constructed with bricks that are sandwiched between the towering glistening modern buildings. As a result, locals and guests are spoilt for choice in deciding whether to reside in timeworn or newly built modern condos.
The real estate market in Uptown Dallas Neighborhood has been vibrant in the recent past, generating handsome rental yields and capital gains, which has attracted new property developments in the area.